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  • Electrical mini vehicle heater and air-conditioning

    Heating and cooling solutions for electrical mini vehicles

    Customized, compact, comfortable

Customized thermal management

Small electric vehicles go big

Electrical mini vehicles are designed and built from the ground up as electric vehicles. 100% electric, so to speak. Because of their small turning radius and limited payload and top speed, they can be deployed flexibly anywhere and are used in both the private and commercial sectors. In narrow inner cities or areas where regular vehicles can only be used to a limited extent, as well as in parks or shopping centers.

Due to their compact dimensions, however, electrical mini vehicles require customized and intelligent thermal management with flexible solutions to ensure optimum vehicle heating and air conditioning. With its extensive expertise and comprehensive product portfolio, Eberspächer is the perfect partner for this. 

The right contact for any request

Ask us about customized heating and cooling solutions.

Compared to standard vehicles, heating or cooling in small electric vehicles is particularly challenging.
We will be happy to consult with you personally–even on-site at your location.



Electrical mini vehicles in action

Compact, maneuverable, and flexible

Learn more about our special thermal management solutions for electrical mini vehicles in this video.

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Mini electric vehicles

EU classifications

L6e: four-wheel lightweight quadricycle

< 45 km/h maximum speed

< 4 kW total output

< 350 kg weight


L7e: four-wheel heavy vehicle

< 90 km/h maximum speed

< 15 kW total output

< 400 kg weight

- 150 kg maximum payload

Electrical mini vehicles

Classification in the USA

NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle)

< 1,400 kg weight

< 40 km/h maximum speed

Advantages of electrical mini vehicles

A comparison of electrical mini vehicles and standard vehicles

Benefit from electrical mini vehicles.

Significantly lower operating costs

Significantly less noise

Ability to customize according to customer needs/applications

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Road-registered versions possible

No special driver's license required

Product overview

Product overview