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Electric convectors

Blower Heaters

Electric convectors

Perfect temperatures in electrical mini vehicles

Ensure temperatures that make mobility truly comfortable in electrical mini vehicles. Electric convectors can also heat the passenger compartment, so that the vehicle can be used optimally even in cold weather. Of course, Eberspächer also offers customizations and special features for specific customer needs.

Electric convectors

Exactly the performance you need

Perfect for electrical mini vehicles. Absolutely reliable. Absolutely safe. Based on decades of expertise from Eberspächer. Eberspächer convectors with PTC elements are available in many performance classes, voltages and sizes, and are easily adaptable to suit all customer requirements. For a perfectly fine-tuned climate in electrical mini vehicles.

The main benefits:

  • Compact size and high heating performance
  • Flexible installation in the dashboard or cab roof or under the driver’s seat
  • With PTC elements
  • Numerous performance classes and sizes
  • Safe and reliable



Alizé 2 EHV, Kelec EVO1, Kelec EVO2, Super K EHV, KOOL EHV, Falkon EHV