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Eberspächer Airtronic Ethanol

Fuel Operated Heaters

Quiet. Fast. Flexible

The air heater for electric vehicles

Heating in small, light-weight electric vehicles? It can be challenging, especially when outside temperatures are cool. Not so with the reliable heating solutions from Eberspächer. Airtronic Ethanol not only works sustainably, but is also specifically designed for electric vehicles. For fast, and even long-term heating of the passenger compartment with low energy consumption.

Airtronic Ethanol

Airtronic air heaters for electric vehicles

The Ethanol variants of the Airtronic family combine all professional properties of the fuel or diesel operated variants with the specific requirements for emission-optimized driving. They are almost CO2neutral during operation. The Airtronic Ethanol versions heat the passenger compartment very rapidly without compromising the vehicle’s range.

The main benefits:

  • Quiet operation and low energy consumption; suitable for extended heating periods
  • Fast heating of the passenger compartment
  • Protected against dust and sprayed water
  • Compact size–flexible installation under the floor, the driver seat, or in the rear area
  • Intuitive operation, e.g. using Eberspächer EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web control units
  • Integration into the vehicle control unit via CAN-/LIN-/S+ interfaces .


Eberspächer also offers you a suitable tank for all Airtronic Ethanol air heaters.