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EHVAC Systems

The perfect modular system for the ideal climate

Reliable solutions for every need

Durable air conditioning systems even with the smallest dimensions

Durable, robust, and completely flexible. Eberspächer split systems offer optimum performance and quality, and are suitable for all types of installations. In other words, they are the perfect modular system with reliable solutions for electrical mini vehicles.

Customized air conditioning for electrical mini vehicles


Our motto: maximum heating and cooling performance with minimum size. And for extreme challenges. Choose from a wide range of different variants: horizontal or vertical. Including models with integrated control units and air outlets. Available as EHVAC with PTC elements for electrical mini vehicles.
All variants can be quickly adapted to different vehicles and are easy to install. 

The main benefits:

  • Horizontal and vertical versions available for installation
  • Simple installation for any application
  • Rapid application development
  • Different air distribution systems available for every evaporator
  • Each evaporator is available in several versions:
    • Cooling only
    • Cooling + heating with water convectors
    • Cooling + electrical heating with PTC elements
  • The evaporators are particularly easy to use in small electric vehicles that are equipped with similarly conventional internal combustion engines.



Horizontal evaporators:


Vertical evaporators:


Durable and maintenance free


Thanks to their highly efficient technology, Eberspächer condensers achieve maximum performance combined with minimum device volume, plus a large range of installation options: vertical or horizontal, on the radiator, and under the floor. Custom developments are possible at all times. Installation is fast and easy; the condensers can be mounted on the outside of the vehicle without additional covers. The Power-K condenser units, which feature a condenser,an integrated electric compressor and a dryer filter, are additionally available as a complete package.

The main benefits:

  • Minimum size combined with maximum performance
  • Durable fans reduce the need for spare parts
  • Very rapid installation in any vehicle
  • Can be installed on the outside of the vehicle without additional covers
  • Available with integrated dryer filter
  • Other versions can be developed according to customer requirements.



Kondor 10, Kondor 15, Power K Horizontal / Vertical / Reverse

Fast and easy to install


  • Many variants with a large performance range: 130 to 775 cm
  • Hydraulic, electric or as a belt-driven compressor
  • For all installation situations
  • Fast and simple application development

Flexible and powerful

Condenser unit

In addition to a condenser, this powerful complete package also includes an integrated electric compressor and a dryer filter. When equipping an electric vehicle, you should choose a hybrid evaporator, which includes a classic evaporator and an electric PTR heater element.

The main benefits:

  • Complete package including electric compressor, condenser, and dryer filter.
  • Can be connected to a standard evaporator from our portfolio
  • Vertical or horizontal installation
  • Available in direct current (SH version) or in alternating current (H version)
  • Available in 3 fan speeds
  • Up to 1,500 W power available depending on the version


Horizontal evaporators: Power K Horizontal
Vertical evaporators: Power K Vertical
Data sheet for under-the-floor/rooftop-mounted evaporators: Power K Reverse


Compact and practical

Compact roof-mounted air conditioning systems

A practical and simple solution. This compact roof-mounted air conditioning systems consists of an evaporator, a condenser, and a dryer filter.

The main benefits:

  • Includes evaporator, condenser, and dryer filter.
  • Available as EHVAC, with integrated electric compressor
  • Especially suitable for small interiors
  • Simple retrofitting
  • Saves space in the interior